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Thea candle



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Pearls are natural and burn cleanly with minimal smoke or soot. Use our pearls to turn any container, vase or bowl into a unique candle - just fill it with pearls, insert one of the included wicks, and light it!The unscented product is great for people who like the ambiance of candles but are sensitive to scents. You can also add your own fragrance oils to the Scent-Free product, just please be careful and experiment at your own risk and comfort level.

You can refresh, refill, and reuse the unmelted pearls with a new wick to make a brand new candle each time you light it. Please review safety instructions before use.



Wax: Pearl Wax.
Wick: Cotton Wick.
Weight: 450 GM
Dimension: 8.5cm * 8.5cm * 15.5cm
Burning TIme: Up to 150+ Hours
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